Four Part Reopening Plan

Important Notice from The Trustees of the Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall


MARCH 2021

Guiding principles

We have set four guiding principles to steer us towards a safe reopening of the Hall.

  1. Safety. The safety of all who manage (govern), hire and attend events at the Memorial Hall underpins our strategic and tactical decisions.
  2. Compliance.  Guidance from government and other relevant organisations such as our sector’s lead organisation ACRE (Action for Communities in Rural England) informs our planning to ensure current requirements and other conditions in force are being addressed. and met.
  3. Collaboration. We will draw on expertise both from within and external to the Memorial Hall board of trustees – working as necessary with relevant local organisations, user groups and other associated bodies such as the Parish Council and Malvern Hills District Council.
  4. Agility. We will plan for flexibility.  For example, responding as quickly as possible to changes (updates) in the guidance for social distancing, group gatherings, cleaning regimes, etc.

Our reopening plan is in four parts

Our plan consists of four parts:

  1. Risk Assessments and Protocols
  2. Keeping People as safe as possible
  3. Preparation of the Estate: Site and Building
  4. Communications

1. Risk Assessment and protocols

A key element of our planning is assessment of key risks.  Initial risk assessments to be undertaken are:

  • Reopening risk assessment (to cover all areas inside and outside the building)
  • Impact of reopening on other users of the site – e.g. Playgroup and Scouts
  • High risk hires – such as wedding receptions or hires that may include vulnerable sections of our community

2. People (trustees, professional trades people, hirers and their guests)

Although the Memorial Hall has no direct employees, it does have a Board of Trustees (comprising 14 volunteers) and uses the services of various professional trades people and services on an ad hoc basis.  The Hall is regularly hired out to various clubs, groups, societies, organisations and private individuals who use it for various community events.

We will seek to ensure that we continually follow the government’s advice on creating as safe an environment as possible for all those visiting, using or working either inside the building or in its grounds, by implementing the latest Covid-19 requirements and guidance.

This will be in addition to the usual health and safety procedures and safeguards already in place and under constant review in line with current legislation and good working practice.

3. Preparation of the Estate : Site and Building

Measures will be put in place (and kept under review) to reduce the risks in the building and outside by following the template risk assessment form issued by our lead body ACRE. This will include assessments relating to the:

  • car park; paths; field and other exterior areas
  • entrance hall; lobby and corridors
  • small hall
  • large hall
  • kitchen and bar areas
  • toilets
  • storage rooms
  • stage area
  • furniture

4. Communications

We will continue to communicate updated information about the results of our risk assessments, the actions we take, the preparations and processes we put in place and all other changes related to our phased reopening through the following channels:

We will also respond to questions or requests for further information through:

  • the CONTACT US email template on our website
  • our email address leighandbransfordhall@hotmail.co.uk
  • messages left on our facebook page
  • written communications to our site address: Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall, Sherridge Road, Leigh Sinton, MALVERN, Worcs, WR13 5DE

Jon Gamble, Chair of Trustees

March 2021