Pre-Hire Information

Information For Your Forthcoming Hire

Thank you, on behalf of the Trustees of the Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall, for choosing our community venue for your forthcoming hire.

We hope that you have a successful event and that both you and your invited guests have an enjoyable time.

In advance of your hire we have put together a short information sheet and checklist to help make sure that the event goes well and that you have all the essential information you need.




We operate a self-entry system that involves the use of external key safes with cylinder combination locks located adjacent to both sets of main doors. This may have been explained to you if you asked to view the hall(s) before booking.

If you are hiring the small hall or both halls you should use the main brown UPVC double doors to gain access. These are the doors at the extreme left of the building (by the short handrail) as you approach up the entrance drive to the main car parking area. The key that opens these doors is located inside the wall-mounted key safe adjacent to the doors themselves (close to the electricity meter box).

If you are hiring only the large hall*, you should use the double doors at the other end of the building. Go to the end of the building and turn left along the small pathway between the hall and the Playgroup cabin. These double doors are accessed by a short flight of external steps. The key that opens these doors is located inside the adjacent wall-mounted key safe.

* Please note – in the event that you or one of your guests require step-free access to the large hall, then please use the other set of doors. In the event that the small hall is being hired at the same time you will need to liaise with the hirer to gain entry to the large hall through these doors passing through the small hall entrance lobby to access the large hall through the kitchen and small rear corridor to the bar area. For more detail see the map of the building’s layout on our website.

Both of the key safes are identical, are opened in the same way and use a common code – however the keys inside are different and will open only the one set of doors.

Because we change the common code frequently you must TEXT our Booking Secretary, Teresa 48 hours before your event to request the latest key safe code.

Teresa’s number is 07825 058829. She will text back the current code.



Pull the flap down to reveal the cylinder code lock. Enter the 4-digit code you have been sent and then using your thumb and finger squeeze the two buttons either side of the barrel lock. The key safe door should then pop open. You are responsible for the key(s) at all times from the start to the end of your hire, so please keep the key(s) in a safe place at all times during your hire as you will need to replace the key in the wall safe and scramble the lock at the end of your hire. Lost keys will incur a £50 excess charge.

NB: In the unlikely event that the key is either missing or the safe won’t open, there is a back-up key safe (with a push button lock) located just under the eaves of the old porch that faces the playing field (in the centre of the building next to the small memorial garden). The code for this is 359. Push the keys in sequence and then push down the small chrome lever at the top of the safe and the front part of the safe will come away to reveal the key. This key opens the main doors to the large hall (see above).



You are responsible for ensuring that your guests park considerately as there may be others using the car park at the same time. You should also make them aware that all vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk and the Trustees can accept no liability for damage or theft. Disclaimer notices to this effect are displayed in the car park area.

Should you need to use the overflow car park, this is accessed through a metal gate at the top end of the main car parking area. The code that opens the gate is 4257.

If you have booked the field and need vehicle access the code for the gates (situated by the Scout Hut at the bottom of the driveway) is 1922 (both sets of gates).

Please note: We share the site with The Villages Playgroup and the 1st Leigh Scout Group and both organisations have their buildings on site. It is essential that no vehicles are parked where they would block access to these buildings by emergency vehicles. Please therefore ensure that your guests do not park their vehicles along the portion of drive that leads down to these two buildings or in such a way as to restrict free vehicular access to this driveway.




Once inside please familiarise yourself with the layout of the building – especially the fire doors, exit routes and fire extinguishers. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests and for their health and safety during your hire. We comply with current legislation regarding the provision of a safe environment. The building benefits from a central fire monitoring system (located in the entrance lobby); break glass fire alarm buttons; a range of different fire fighting appliances and emergency lighting in the event of the discovery of a fire. The equipment is serviced at least once every year and the building has a current fire safety certificate. All emergency exit doors are clearly signed, a battery operated back up lighting system is installed and a fire assembly point is clearly signed and sited at the edge of the car park adjacent to the road.



We have recently REDECORATED THROUGHOUT the building – please DO NOT attach anything to the internal walls with nails, pins, sellotape or blutac. There is a baton just above the windows in the small hall (and on the opposite wall) and also above the windows on the long wall in large hall (and again on the opposite wall) that you may use to attach/hang decorations from with pins, sellotape, nails and/or blutac etc. There is also a notice board that you may use in the small hall. A redecoration charge will be levied if, after your hire, the newly painted walls show signs of damage caused by directly attaching decorations to them, other than via the batons mentioned above.



If you are hiring both halls then you have access to both sets of toilets, but if you are hiring just the one hall today please ask your guests to use the toilets associated with either the large or the small hall.



You have use of the kitchen and its facilities throughout included in the cost of your hire. However, please be aware that if both the small and large halls are being hired independently at the same time, use of the kitchen facility may have to be shared.

An immersion heater that has a boost facility provides hot water – the two illuminated switches that turn on the immersion heater and boost are located in the kitchen on the short internal wall between the white UPVC external door and the double sink. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN BOTH SWITCHES OFF BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

There is a fridge, microwave oven, conventional oven, two hot water boilers, two kettles and a selection of crockery and some utensils in the kitchen, which you are free to use. The kitchen also has the benefit of two serving hatches that open onto the small hall. A new upright fridge freezer is located just outside the kitchen in the short corridor that leads to the bar room. The bar room has hatches that open independently on to both the large and small hall. Again, if both halls are being separately hired at the same time, use of the bar area may also have to be shared – although in the case of the bar the serving hatches have been designed to service both halls.

It is important that NO FOOD OR OTHER WASTE is left in the kitchen (or anywhere in the building) at the end of your hire. All waste must be bagged and put in either (or both) of the two large waste skips outside. These are located outside at the edge the car parking area. You must also make sure that the skip lids are properly closed because we are in a rural location and wild animals, birds and flying insects will scavenge inside the skips if not properly closed.

Please note: If you are unable to completely close the lids then you must take the additional bagged waste away. Any rubbish (bagged or unbagged) left outside the skips will incur an additional removal charge of £20.



At one end of the small hall is the furniture store – it contains an assortment of tables and chairs that you are free to use BUT PLEASE NOTE – the small square black tables are for the exclusive use of Bridge Club, which meets weekly. These tables are not to be used.



The halls and other parts of the building are heated by a sustainable air-source warm air energy system which operates through a combination of wall mounted fans and hot water radiators. The controls for the large wall mounted fans in the two halls are straightforward and a small notice explaining how they may be adjusted (to increase or reduce the temperature) is positioned by each fan. AFTER YOUR HIRE IF YOU HAVE CHANGED THE THERMOSTAT SETTINGS PLEASE RETURN THEM TO THEIR ORIGINAL DEFAULT POSITION (as stated on the notice).




At the end of your hire it is your responsibility to clean through and clear away. We have provided some cleaning equipment and materials for your use and these are located in the small room in the lobby adjacent to the SMALL HALL – the sign on the door reads CLEANING EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS CUPBOARD.

You will find a clear away and clean up checklist below. Please print this off and work through it at the end of your hire as you clear away and clean up. Please note: It is now a condition of hire that you print off, systematically work through and then finally sign your completed copy of this checklist before you leave. You should leave the completed checklist in the kitchen – one of our trustees will then use this list to ensure that the building has been left clean, tidy and safe for our next hirers. Failure to complete the checklist may incur an additional charge.

Finally, please make sure that the water heaters and all the lights (inside and out) are turned off – especially in the toilets – and that the room heater settings are returned to their original position if you have changed them. On leaving the building make sure the external doors are locked using the same key that you used to access the building and return the key to the appropriate key safe.

Please respect the rights and privacy of persons residing in close proximity to the Hall. We ask you to ensure that noise levels during your event are kept to an acceptable level – especially after 10.30pm and when you and your guests leave the building and car park at the end of the hire period.

NOTE: If you are leaving after dark there is a push button time delay switch for the car park light. This is located in the main entrance hall, on the wall next to the double doors.


Thank you


Jon Gamble, Chair of Trustees

End Of Hire Clear Away And Cleaning Check List

Including Check List of Fire Fighting Equipment

Information updated: 21/07/20