Make A Booking

How To Use Our Online Booking Calendar

You must also read the and agree to our TERMS & CONDITIONS before submitting your Booking Request

1. From the drop down menu that automatically appears choose (click on) the hire option you need from the 6 options available:

  • BOOK SMALL HALL* (on its own)
  • BOOK LARGE HALL* (on its own)
  • BOOK BOTH HALL* (together)
  • BOOK CARAVAN# (pitch)

* Please Note: Should you wish to include the use of the FIELD in your hire of the Small, Large or Both Halls, the field must be booked separately and is subject to availability 

** See the additional information at the bottom of the page about hiring the field

*** Complimentary use of the FIELD is included in the WEDDING PACKAGE (48 hours) for the duration of the hire. However, should you require the FIELD for longer than 48 hours, it must be booked separately.  Should your required 48 hour period be other than from 13.00 on the Friday to 13.00 on the Sunday please contact us to make a manual booking for a different 48 hour period for the Wedding Package rate (subject to availability)

# Caravan pitches are booked by the day only and no discounts apply

2. When you click on your chosen option the relevant calendar-booking page will open automatically.  Please make sure that you have clicked on your chosen option before proceeding!! Then, click on the box entitled Check In and select the date you are wanting to hire

3. Next click on the Start at box and from the drop down menu that opens select your start time

4. Then move to the Finish at box and from the drop down menu select your end time

5. # Caravan pitches are booked by the day – please also enter the number of pitches you require

6. You will find the information you entered will automatically appear in the adjacent RESERVATION box, where the gross cost of the hire will also appear

7. The next box entitled EXTRAS is where you can check to see if your hire qualifies for a DISCOUNT. Depending on the time of day, or the length of your hire, you may be eligible for a discount (no discounts apply to caravan pitches).  There are 3 hire periods/durations that qualify:

a) -20% if your hire is of any duration between the weekday hours of 08.00 to 17.00

b) -20% if the duration of your hire is over 12 hours

c) -40% if the cumulative duration of your group’s regular bookings in a calendar year (or your one-off booking) comes to 24 hours or more. (However this does not apply to the 48 hour Wedding Package, which is already discounted by more than 40%) 

If your hire satisfies one of the first two criteria, please select the relevant option box.  You may select ONLY ONE box.  Selecting one of the discount options automatically reduces the hire price in the RESERVATION box – however if your hire does not qualify and you select a discount your booking will not be approved and you may lose your slot

If the cumulative duration of your group’s regular bookings (or your one-off hire) comes to 24 hours or more, please go to the next box entitled COUPONS and enter your COUPON CODE where it asks you to Enter Code.  You will then see a button that asks you to VERIFY the code. Click the VERIFY CODE button.  If the code is valid you will then see a button that asks if you wish to USE THE CODE? Click on this button to use the code and apply the discount.

Please note – for one-off bookings of more than 24 hours you must first contact us for the eligible discount code.  Entering the correct code as detailed above will automatically discount your hire cost by 40%

Please note however that the 48 hour WEDDING PACKAGE is already discounted to reflect the length of the hire, further discounts on the Wedding Package are not available

8. Now you need to enter your CONTACT INFORMATION in the next set of boxes

9. After entering your contact details you must briefly describe the purpose of your booking (please be aware that there are certain events, such as Teenage Parties, we do not allow – for more details see out T&Cs and FAQs) and then click the box to confirm that you are over 21 years of age.  We are sorry, but the Trustees do not accept bookings from individuals under the age of 21 years

10. Importantly, you must then confirm that you have read our Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) including the Covid-19 Additional T&Cs by clicking the boxes to let us know you have read and agree to be bound by them.  No booking will be accepted unless you confirm that you are over 21 years of age and agree to our regular and Covid-19 T&Cs – 3 boxes in total.

11. We then give you the option of KEEPING IN TOUCH. Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we are legally required to keep securely any personal details we collect about you – and we will never share your details with third parties.  However we would like to make you aware, from time to time, of forthcoming events or information about the Hall we think may interest you.  If you would like us to do this, please select the Yes Please box in the KEEPING IN TOUCH section, otherwise just select No thanks (which is the default option).  We promise not to bombard you with unwanted emails

12. Finally, please CHECK YOUR BOOKING!  Make sure you have entered all the required details and double check that you have requested the correct date and times for your event.  If you are satisfied that all the required information has been correctly entered please press the orange BOOK NOW button that will have automatically appeared in the ORDER box.

13. Unless you have been given a special discount code you will then be automatically directed to the online payments page.  Please make your online payment by following the instructions.

14. When payment has been made you will automatically be redirected to the ‘Thank You’ page on our website and you will also receive an email from us detailing your provisional booking request

15. Important: Please be aware that at this stage your booking remains provisional while we check your details and that the date(s) and times are available

16. Checking your booking request may take us up to 72 hours (but could take longer at certain times).  Once we have checked you will then receive a further email from us which either confirms your booking or advises you that the dates and times are unavailable

17. If your booking is approved the relevant calendar on the website will update showing the day(s) and times you selected marked out in red as ‘Booked’

Additional Information about booking the FIELD

18. If you are hiring one or both of the Halls (the first 3 hire options) and you wish to use the FIELD, this is NOT included in the cost of your hire.  In such cases, when you have completed your Hall booking you will then need to make a separate booking to hire the field. The field is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee it will be available during the hours of your intended hire

19. If you are booking the 48 hour WEDDING PACKAGE this includes complimentary use of the FIELD for the duration of the hire – however if you need the use of the field for a longer time (for example, to erect or dismantle a marquee) then you will need to request and pay for an additional booking period

20. You may also book the FIELD as a stand-alone hire, but in such cases although there is an external water tap for your use you will have no access to any of the facilities available in the Memorial Hall building (i.e. kitchen and toilets).  Should you need access to these facilities you will need to make a separate booking for one or both of the Halls.