Covid-19 Terms & Conditions


Issue no. 3

The Trustees of the Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall have published and instigated their four-part reopening plan based on Covid-19 guiding principles – which may be read here leighandbransfordhall.co.uk/wp/reopening-plan.

  • the building has been and will continue to be thoroughly cleaned at more regular intervals
  • Covid-19 notices have been put up around the building alerting everyone to the risks associated with the spread of Covid-19 and how to minimise those risks
  • wall-mounted, touch-free hand-sanitising stations have been installed near to the entrance to both halls
  • soap and paper towel dispensers have been re-installed in all the toilets and the kitchen and bar area for the purpose of drying hands after washing (as existing warm air hand dryers are now considered to constitute a greater risk to the spread of this air-borne virus)
  • new bins with lids have been installed throughout with insert plastic bin liners for the safe collection (and disposal) of waste (including paper towels).

However, the trustees need to make clear that in spite of implementing all these regime changes, in line with current guidance, those hiring the hall and/or grounds during the current Covid-19 pandemic do so at their own risk. Minimising the risks in public spaces like the Hall and grounds is now a shared responsibility and for that reason the trustees have included an additional set of Covid-19 related Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) and hirer’s risk assessment form to help keep them and their guests safe both inside and outside the building.

It is important that you read through the following set of additional conditions (which may be subject to further amendment as situations develop) because until further notice, any one wishing to hire the Memorial Hall must now agree to comply with (i.e. accept and act upon) them.  To be clear, these are in addition to (and not instead of) our standard T&Cs, all of which continue to apply.

You are therefore required to confirm your acceptance by email of these additional T&Cs before your hire commences.



a. let us know you agree to comply with and implement these additional Covid-19 related terms and conditions (new online bookings will require hirers to tick the box agreeing to these new conditions. Failure to tick the box will not allow the online booking process to be completed)

b. limit the number of people attending the event (i.e. actually inside the building) to the maximum numbers in force at the time of the event.

c. advise all people attending the event that face coverings should continue to be worn if required by legislation except in the following circumstances:

i. when eating or drinking or taking medication

ii. if you are undertaking exercise or an activity and it would negatively impact your ability to do so

iii. children under the age of 11 (Public Health England do not recommended face coverings for children under the age of 3 for health and safety reasons)

iv. people who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability

v. where putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress

vi. if you are speaking to or providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate

d. compile a list of names and contact details of everyone attending your hire and, in the event that one or more of your guests/attendees falls ill or shows symptoms of the disease, notify the appropriate authority AND the Hall Booking Secretary at leighandbransfordhall@hotmail.co.uk  (PLEASE NOTE: the trustees WILL NOT need to have a copy of your contact list, as it will be the hirer’s responsibility to pass those contact details on to the relevant authority in the event that one or more guests subsequently contracts or shows symptoms of the covid-19 strain of the coronavirus.  The Hall booking secretary must also be alerted to the situation because we will then need to close the building to all future hirers for a defined additional period of lockdown)

e. bring your own antibacterial surface cleaning sprays or liquids and cloths to use before, during and after your hire

f. arrive at the hall at least 30 – 45 minutes before your hire starts (you won’t be charged extra for this additional period) to give you plenty of time to attend to the following:

g. satisfy yourself that the spaces, surfaces and any furniture or kitchen utensils/appliances, toilets etc you are hiring / will be using are clean – this involves carrying out a preliminary (pre-start-of-hire) risk assessment.  (PLEASE NOTE: as stated in condition 1e you must bring your own cleaning liquids/sprays, cloths and gloves with you as the Hall will not provide these materials for multi-person/multi-hire use – as we cannot guarantee that they will themselves remain uncontaminated)

h. advise your guests of the location of the hand-sanitisers, explain the advisability of frequent hand-washing with hot water and soap and that paper towels and not warm air hand dryers should be used

i. identify all the entrances and exits and the importance of complying with current guidelines on social distancing (to include safe passage of people in areas of potential congestion such as doorways, the toilets and kitchen) and, where relevant, the wearing of face coverings

j. tell your guests the procedure if one or more of them feel unwell during the hire with suspected Covid-19 symptoms.  (PLEASE NOTE: the bar room next to the kitchen has been identified as a potential ‘safe area’ where those who feel unwell may temporarily be isolated)

k. use the risk assessment template we will send you to help make sure you have covered the major areas of risk before the hire commences. You can also see the Risk Assessment template here: leighandbransfordhall.co.uk/wp/risk-assessment


a. continue to monitor the behaviour and well-being of your guests to ensure their compliance with current guidelines regarding safe Covid-19 practices relating to public gatherings (including appropriate social distancing) and, where necessary remind them to comply.


a. make sure your guests leave safely and take all their belongings with them

b. systematically work through the End of Hire Clear Away and Cleaning Check List; you will be allowed at least 45 minutes to an hour at no extra charge to complete this process. PLEASE NOTE: the standard check list will have been sent to you as part of the booking confirmation and you can also see it here: leighandbransfordhall.co.uk/wp/pre-hire-information

but in addition you must now also:

i. go into every toilet that has been used during the hire and make sure that all the used paper towels have been properly placed in the black sacks inside the bins, then remove and tie each of the black sacks and put them in the waste skip outside the building –  making sure that the lid of the waste skip is then firmly closed

ii. do the same in the kitchen and bar (if used) – removing and tying the sack(s) before putting them in the waste skip outside the building

iii. use antibacterial sprays on all kitchen surfaces, and any high touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, toilet flush handles, table tops, chair backs etc

c. make sure you have completed (and then ticked off) all of the relevant sections on the standard and additional Covid-19 checklist.  Please double check to ensure that no waste materials of any description are left in the building but have been safely placed in the external waste skip and the lid securely closed.  Then sign the form and leave it in the kitchen for our post-hire checker who will use it to check through the building after you have left.  Failure to comply with this process will incur an additional charge of £50.00 to cover the costs of an extra deep clean as we will have no auditable record of the cleaning being done after your hire.

d. exit the building safely, lock the door and wipe the handle; wipe the key, return the key to the key safe and finally wipe over the surface of the key safe

Thank you for your cooperation in these unprecedented times.

Please email us at leighandbransfordhall@hotmail.co.uk before your hire commences to confirm that you have read and agree to comply with these additional Covid-19 terms and conditions.  Similarly, if you have questions or concerns about any of the T&Cs please email us before your hire commences so they may potentially be resolved.

Finally, although we are a small independent charity we have not increased our hire charges to reflect the increased costs the trustees have incurred as a result of reopening during the current pandemic.  Requiring our hirers to take joint responsibility for safe hygienic practices that comply with current guidelines and for wiping down surfaces and safely removing all waste generated after their hire helps us to maintain competitive hire rates and keeps the hall safer for those that follow.

Jon Gamble, Chair of Trustees

March 2021

Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall
Sherridge Rd, Leigh Sinton
Malvern, Worcs, WR13 5DE